Soil Reclamation

Reclamation of soils is re-enlivening the soil. Although not necessarily a new concept we just go beyond what has been considered Organic. We go beyond Composting to grow our soils. With our new XTerraforming products we bring dead soils back to life. Big statement .....but when you really think about it, nature has been doing this by providing the proper microbes and minerals. We don't fertilize our forests. It has become much harder for the small owner operator to grow against the corporate entities. With the future of growing food; experiencing droughts and severe weather conditions the earth is losing its natural micro-organisms and washed out many of the sea minerals that were once everywhere. The stories are numerous about over fertilizing, pesticides, GMO's and synthetics.

We have lost sight of growing with nature and finding everything cannot be grown with chemicals and a petri dish. It takes microorganisms to nourish and vitalize plants. Super soils are grown not chemically enhanced. Live micro-organisms are needed to provide true plant nutrients. Ever wonder why that orange you would bite into no longer has that sweet amazing taste or other plants that are known for their flavor and aroma no longer taste and smell like they once did. What is called organic in your grocery store seems to be better but not quite that same as you remember. It's not our goal here to get on a soap box, it takes too much away from knowing that there are solutions and we have them. Get to know us, let us help and together we can bring new life to using our line of XTerraforming  in soil planting, greenhouse and hydroponic growing.

First things first we will do soil test to know what it needs. With the soil test you will also receive a Rx recommendation giving you an exact plan of action.

Once we know what it is needed we can develop a specific set of minerals and nutrients to re-enliven your soil.

Join us in A BioEnergetic approach to living soils.

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