Worm Castings


Worm Castings and Super Soil

Worm castings and compost teas and many other ingredients are used by growers today to build their super soil, instead of using big box store premix. Why is super soil better than other types of soil? Specially blended soils can deliver everything your plant needs, at exactly the right time. Organic growers around the world have been using super soils to achieve clean organic crops with better flavors,aromas and yields.


Today it's difficult with time and space requirements to produce your own super soils.

Commercial growers need to cut production times and not spend time on mixing and cooking their super soils.

New advances in producing quality pest free chemically free super soils is a must and most importantly, know that the requirements of the super soil is consistent every time.

Many commercial soils available still contain insect larvae and other ingredients as fillers.

PureGrowSoil provides growers with your own custom mix or a collaboration of our own super soil mixes. Soil testing and an Rx report and recommendation as to what is needed or not needed can be provided.

PureGrowSoil offers it's own products for your use if you mix your own soils. We provide Biodynamic solutions to your soil needs.

PureGrowSoil has worked with others in consulting and re-enlivening soils. Soil Reclamation can reignite your last soil run saving you money and time.

PureGrowSoil products and services........ knowledgeable, Experienced,Complete.

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Why Do Plants Need Enzymes?

Why Do Plants Need Enzymes?

Plants and Enzymes

Enzymes play a crucial role for plants, just like they do for animals and humans – not only are they important for the metabolism and photosynthesis of plants, but they are also important for controlling other chain reactions. Photosynthesis is the process through which a plant use the sunlight, water and nutrients extracted from the soil in order to nourish itself.
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